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Form & Function : Big Green Egg

Posted on Jun 1, 2017 in In The Store, Pictures | 0 comments

This summer discover the Big Green Egg Ceramic grill. This highly energy efficient cooking tool can be used for baking, grilling, slow cooking and roasting. Every component allows for precision cooking for everything from pizza, to pulled pork. Enjoy making your favorite summer recipes outdoors!


Shown here with several Big Green Egg accessories is the large sized egg, ideal for families of 4-5 who enjoy moderate entertaining. The kitchen island above is sold separately in two different sizes

DSC02166 DSC02165

Every egg comes with a cast iron dual function metal top for precise temperature control. Rotate the larger opening for high or low temperatures and use the smaller wheel for fine tuning!


The draft door at the bottom of the egg can also be used for temperature control. Open the door to let more oxygen in and increase temperature. Pro tip : During periods of inactivity leave the draft door open to allow air circulation and prevent moisture build up. Make sure to leave the mesh covering to keep critters from jumping in.


The front of the egg is equipped with a stainless steel, easy to read temperature gauge that precisely measures the inside temperature of the dome, making it easy to track for precise cooking. There are several additional options for temperature control like the Big Green Egg BBQ guru if you’re looking to take it to the next level.


The top dome of the Big Green egg is designed with a sturdy wooden handle that makes it easy to lift! Pro tip : Whenever the egg is in use, make sure to “burp” the egg every time you are opening it by lifting the dome about an inch or so. This allows air to enter the egg slowly and prevents a flash fire!


The Big Green Egg custom island is crafted with high-quality aluminum, steel and stainless steel. It has several storage options on the front and side including a weather resistant compartment for storing charcoal.



Last but not least the conveEGGtor is a ceramic component used to facilitate indirect cooking. Essentially it turns the Big Green Egg into a convection oven for baking bread and pizza or roasting a chicken.

Stop by our Newton Lower Falls location to learn more and purchase yours today. We have all sizes on display and most items are in stock and ready to go!

Happy Grilling!

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